Body, Breath + Voice Optimization for Performers.


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My name's Charlotte (I'm a classical singer and coach), and I know what it's like to struggle with your voice, especially when you want to give your best performance.

The challenges I've met - breath, nerves, tension, injury, posture, vocal technique - inspired me to compile the practices out there that really work, and to develop a system of techniques that efficiently coordinate the breath, body, voice and mind, so when you most need your voice you can rely on your ability to give a technically ease-filled, moving and embodied performance. 

Combining my background in theatre, years of experience singing classical music, and working with bodies on the stage and in the yoga studio, I'm excited to share in the online sphere what's helped me and my students! I hope it will help you too. Coming in 2017!

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Sweat-stain management between video takes. #likeineedtobeanyhotter #glamourous

Body, Breath + Voice Optimization for Performers.

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